F.A.Q From Cane To Glass

 What is the Grand Prize?

The Grand Prize is:

  • Consultation, Production, and bringing your idea of  a spiced rum to life and national release in 2020

  • 3x Trips to Melbourne (for anyone out of VIC) to consult, research, test batch and trial the rum

  • Host the launch party in your city, and be host at the Melbourne launch party
    *If the Grand Champion is from Melbourne/VIC they will be invited to host all national launch parties

  • Your rum will be entered into the World Rum Awards 2020

How do I enter?

To enter all you need to is follow the Round 1 rules found on www.rumdiaryspiced.com/fromcanetoglass then in an email to competition@rumdiaryspiced.com send us the following:

  • Your name and venue

  • Cocktail recipe with name, measurements, ingredients, method

  • A high quality photo of your cocktail (Post to your social media with the #RDScomp

  • A small blurb describing your cocktail and why it works with Rum Diary Spiced

Entries Open April 29th and close midnight Monday 27th May

Do I have to be currently working in a bar to enter?

Currently working in a bar makes it easier to get in contact and be visited by our reps, and get access to RDS Rums. But if you do not work in a bar currently just make sure all your contact details are attached to the entry email so we can help you out as you continue further in the competition

Round 1 is asks for no shaken cocktails, Does that mean I can only stir?

‘From Cane To Glass’ is a competition looking to focus on the creative ways bartenders deal with restrictions rather than themes.

In Round one we are asking everyone to enter by using any technique BUT shaking your cocktail conventionally - Whether you stir, build, blaze or even bond over soundwaves, it’s up to you.

We are looking for short, classically inspired drinks, So if you can convince us in your blurb/description it will be taken into account.

Does the team at Rum Diary Spiced taste all the drinks?

As with a lot of competitions, Round 1 is about getting everyone to enter before the first cut is made to Top 100. Due to the amount of cocktails from so many locations we can’t promise to get around and taste every drink. We do however have an amazing panel of old bartenders and industry heads who have come together to help judge and shortlist the Round one entries.

Commencing from Round 2 every drink will be judged by a representative of Rum DIary Spiced. Times will be arranged with your local Artisan Handcrafted Rep between July 1st 2019 and July 8th 2019.

In Round 2 it says we have to use 2 different Rum Diary Spiced products, What spiced rums will be available?

Round 2 is a throwback to our 2017 competition ‘Of All Things Tiki, Land and Sea’

In the honour of Tiki we are looking to see how creative you can get blending spices in a drink (of course blending spices is a big thing for this comp).

We will have for continued release through the competition:

Rum Diary Spiced Traditional

RDS Experimental Kitchen Cocos Nucifera Coconut Rum

RDS Royal Fortune Navy Strength Spiced

We will also have a special release Spiced Rum:

RDS Experimental Kitchen Rum & Raisin

And for the lucky bars that still have a bottle of the RDS Experimental Kitchen Cherry you will be able to use that as well.

Will we get a chance to try all the range before Round 2?

We will be arranging total range tastings for everyone competing in Round 2 before it commences. These will be held as Tastings in each major city, with the added bonus of playing around with mixing the rums on the day.
We will make sure samples are sent out to any of the regional competitors so nobody misses out.

How will the Top 5 be chosen for the Grand Final?

Round 2 will come to an end with the Top 5 drinks of each state battling head to head at the State Finals party, dates below:

WA - Perth - 29/07/06/2019 Sunday

SA - Adelaide 31/07/2019 Tuesday

VIC (including TAS) - Melbourne - 11/08/2019 Sunday

QLD (including FNQ) - Brisbane - 18/08/2019 Sunday

NSW (including ACT) - Sydney - 19/08/2019 Monday

The winner of each State Finals will join us at the start of November for the Grand Finals in Melbourne.

What are the challenges of the Grand Final?

The challenges in the Grand Final are being kept a secret for now, but I can tell you will the Top 5 will need to work on new drink over the weekend.

And that the weekend will be set up similar to the Grand Finals of 2017’s ‘Of All Things Tiki’ final.

The competitors will be flown return to Melbourne on Friday 8th November and lodge together in a shared house fo the weekend.
The main/final challenge will be announced during dinner on Friday evening at Beneath Driver Lane.

The first 2 challenges will be completed during Saturday, with spare time during the day to work on the main/final challenge.

Saturday will finish with dinner and a bar crawl through it’s more iconic bars.

Sunday is predominantly free until mid afternoon when they will be asked to meet and prep for the Grand Final Competition and Party.

After the last competitor the points of all 3 challenges will be tallied and the Grand Final Champion will be announced.

On the Monday 11th November the competitors will leave the share house and travel back to their hometowns (unless another date for leaving has be pre arranged with Rum Diary Spiced for those that want a spare few days in Melbourne)