About Us


Rum Diary Spiced Rum is the love child of two handsome fools direct from Australia’s Heart of Hospitality, Melbourne. With a secret blend of local and imported spices and a range of delicious expressions, Rum Diary Spiced Rum is fine liquor made with care and guzzled with gusto (responsibly).


Hamish G

Owner and driving force behind Melbourne institutions The Rum Diary Bar and Beneath Driver Lane, Hamish has been playing with flavour for as long as he can remember. Rum has been a passion of Ham’s across the span of his illustrious career, so when he tasted a less than ideal drop of a certain famous spiced rum (that shall remain unnamed) he turned to his trusted friend and renowned bartender, Dan, intent on creating a Spiced Rum that stood up to their own high standards; The Rum Diary Spiced Rum.

Daniel Monk

One of Melbourne’s best known and well-loved bartenders, Daniel ‘Monkey Magic’ has been shaking up tiki drinks behind Australia’s best bars for over ten years. While working at The Rum Diary, he met Hamish and Ham and Dan were born. Fuelled by passion for the craft and determination to make something better than before, they set out to make a Spiced Rum that anyone could get behind and everyone would love, The Rum Diary Spiced Rum.