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Core Range

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Traditional Spiced

Our original Spiced Rum. This delicious drop is spiced with local and imported botanicals all designed to subtly blend together into a full flavoured Spiced Rum with a long palate and the perfect balance of sweet and dry.

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Royal Fortune

An ode to cocktail bartenders and navy traditions. A blend of 16 spices, working in harmony with 5year aged rum, molasses, and Jaggery. This 57% overproof rum incorporates lapsang souchong, smoked brown cardamom and black pepper to create a smoky, earthen spirit, with a slightly salty finish.
The taste of the sea, spiced rum, and blazing cannons!


Experimental Kitchen

The Experimental Kitchen is a collaboration of creativity and innovation, designed to push boundaries and produce unique, limited edition Spiced Rums. Unrestricted by timeframes, these products will be released when they're at their optimum and production will be limited, so make sure to sign up to receive updates on upcoming releases.
Each release will be a subsequent edition, so we start with Edition #1 — Cherry. The Cherry Spiced Rum is a delicious

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Edition #1: Cherry Spiced Rum

Our first release in the Experimental Kitchen range. This delicious Spiced rum balances a delicious round sweetness with the tantalizing dry finish of Cherries and a specialy chosen blend of botanicals.


Edition #2: Cocos Nucifera

Our second release in the Experimental Kitchen rand. This time around we took inspiration from the equatorial homeland of spiced rum and used a blend of tropical botanicals, focusing in on everyone’s favourite; Coconut.


Bartender Edition Pre-Batched Cocktails

RDS Hipflask.jpg


This classic stiff cocktail is bold with a bit of edge. Herbal notes and hints of chocolate are evident with the perfect balance of Rum Diary Spiced and Campari. 

Espresso Martini

This smooth cocktail is made ready to shake, to a standard and quality that you would expect at any good cocktail bar. Flavours of vanilla and rich, roasted coffee compliment the woody spices of Rum Diary Spiced. Shake on ice for a fluffy crema head. 

Old Fashioned

The perfect stirred down sipper.  The original cocktail that allows the Rum Diary Spiced to truly shine, lengthened with the addition of bitters. Serve with an orange zest for an authentic Old Fashioned experience.


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